WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — One man is on a quest to help and rebuild his old childhood neighborhood, and he is giving away free food every week.


What You Need To Know 

Dr. S.D. Patterson brings free food to struggling communities 

His goal is to feed those who are hungry within his neighborhood 

Patterson created Neighborhood Hands to help kids in the community where he grew up 

He has created “Neighborhood Hands” a nonprofit helping kids in the Cleveland Avenues Homes in Winston-Salem 


"Want kids to understand that this is a safe place that they can come here, be loved, get help with their academics, get help with their mental issues, physical issues," Patterson said.

Neighborhood Hands gives these kids a leg up, helping them succeed in school, creating mentorship programs, a community garden and a food pantry.

He went to college, then law school, got his Ph.D, but he didn’t have it easy. His mom had a stroke when he was 15, leaving him on his own, but that didn’t slow him down.

"I was in high school. I didn’t miss one day of high school, not because I was smart, but because I was living by myself, and I went to high school for one thing only to eat. I ate breakfast and lunch every morning at West Forsyth High School."

And it’s why he started a mobile food pantry within his nonprofit. He delivers free food to the needy communities every Thursday and Friday.

"We actually go to the community where as some people come to us, but [the] majority [of the] time we go to the community, and we bring them food. Every week they depend on this food. They look forward to it, know when I come every week between 11 and 12 just like clockwork."

Patterson said he just wants to be able to do God’s will while giving back to the community.