WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Parents are expected to spend more money this year on back-to-school items even when compared to pre-pandemic numbers, according to a forecast from Mastercard SpendingPulse, but it's a different story for some families who may be struggling financially.


What You Need To Know

School supply sales are expected to surge this year

The Kyndall Project is struggling to collect donations

The nonprofit gives school supplies to families in need


At the age of 9, now 15-year-old Kyndall Williams started her nonprofit, The Kyndall Project, to provide school supplies that are essential for success in the classroom.

"We don't really have the right amount of school supplies for everybody, and so I wanted to make sure that everybody had the opportunity to get enough school supplies that they needed for school," Williams emphasized.

Williams' mother, April Reich, has helped her start and grow this nonprofit.

Reich says this year's "Back to School Jam," where they give away the school supplies, is more critical than ever because of the lasting financial impacts from the pandemic.

Reich says they're trying to help families who can't afford school supplies, but says they're also having a difficult time getting donations to meet the need.

"We only have 190 book bags right now and our goal was 2,000, but even if we get 500 or 200, we're still blessing the community," Reich said.

Williams adds, the prices for these essentials are higher than ever so she and her mother are going to work their hardest to help as many families as possible this school year.

"I learned you should never take things for granted and you should bless others with things that they need," Williams said.

You can find out more about The Kyndall Project and donate by visiting their website.