WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The pandemic created a lot of hardships for organizations in our state. One in particular is a resource for those with autism, and it is working to keep its doors open.

What You Need To Know

  • The founder created the nonprofit to help her daughter

  • iCan House helps develop social skills for those with autism

  • The nonprofit helps more than 100 people

The iCan House is a nonprofit created to strengthen the social skills of those who are neurodiverse.

“There’s some misunderstandings and judgements, sometimes with those that might be on the autism spectrum or neurodiverse, where they don’t feel or they can’t understand others. In fact, what we just heard, they really understand a lot about social dynamics and relationships and conversation,” said Kim Shufran, founder of iCan House.

Shufran used to be a nurse. She founded this program in 2008 for her daughter, Ericka, because there was no place to help her develop social skills.

Ericka was diagnosed with ADHD, central auditory processing disorder and Asperger's syndrome at a young age.

The iCan House program hosts weekly discussions called "Real World Connections" for the teens and adults who are members of the nonprofit. The nonprofit helps those ages 8 to adulthood. 

“It provides a place of support, security, safety, tr​ust and friendships are made. It’s really about fulfilling potential, learning the skills, meeting others and becoming who they can become in an environment where it’s safe and take that out into the community,” Shufran said.

The iCan House services more than 100 people and if you are interested you can head to their website.