WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – The City of Winston-Salem is using art to highlight the importance of public transportation and enhance riders' experiences as part of the "Artistic Bus Shelter Program."

Phillip Summers says he's always been a transit advocate and rider, which is what inspired him to participate.

He was also a bus driver for a year, and says the experience was very powerful.

Summers named his art piece “Marching for Mobility” because he says public transportation is an important part of economic mobility.

“We really want people to see themselves in this image, so it is in the context of where we are and Dr. (Martin Luther) King said that the arc of justice does bend. It's long and slow, but it bends towards justice and so we want people to see themselves in that struggle,” Summers explains.

The city has installed art at 12 bus shelters across Winston-Salem.