WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Wake Forest University is apologizing for profiting off of slavery.

During the annual Founders Day convocation, school officials addressed the connection to enslaved people who helped build the university.

"On behalf of Wake Forest University,” said Nathan Hatch, President at Wake Forest University, “I unequivocally apologize for participating in and benefiting from the institution of slavery. I apologize for the exploitation and use of enslaved people – both those known and unknown – who helped create and build this university through no choice of their own.”

President Hatch said enslaved people helped build the university, and as many as 16 enslaved people given to the college were sold to benefit the institution financially.

Some students said the apology is long overdue and they're looking for action.

“Actually doing things about it,” said Chidubem Nwakuche, student. “Actually dealing with racist students, racist things that happen on campus and making people feel more secure.”

For the full remarks by President Hatch click here.