GREENSBORO, N.C. — One of Greensboro’s oldest fire stations is getting a new look.

  • Fire station 7 on Gatewood Avenue to be replaced by new $8 million station
  • Shared space between fire and EMS will offer new technology and improved response times
  • Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring

Fire station 7 on Gatewood Avenue will be replaced with a new $8 million station.

Firefighters and emergency medical responders plan to share space that will offer new technology and help with response times.

"This facility will have female quarters, female locker rooms,” said Dwayne Church/ Deputy Chief Greensboro Fire Department. “It will have a workout facility inside of it, where our firefighters can work out during their off time. We're going to have some training props in there where they can actually do some of the training that they usually come out here to do at the training center so, they'll be able to do that there. We’ll have a field station for SCBA bottles."

Construction for the two-story station will start in the spring.