MOCKSVILLE, N.C.-- High school STEM and technology students from Quality Education Academy got hands-on experience in flying an aircraft. It was a part of the academy's first ever “Aviation Day.”

Students toured the airport, participated in flight simulations, and learned about the inner-workings of an airplane

“If I learn the ability to fly a plane and become a pilot,”  Cierra Godfrey said. “In my medical field I may need to rush and have a quicker way of transportation and having that skill puts me a head of people that may not have that skill.”

The focus of the event was to expose minority students to the industry and potentially spark interest in becoming a pilot or working in aviation.

“This is a field that’s to actually sought after for young African American and Hispanic students,” Chief Executive Officer Tonya Bellangersaid. “So, we wanted to open them up to a new opportunity. Something they may not have thought about as their employment opportunities.”

Officials plan to make the “Aviation Day” a yearly event for students.