NORTH CAROLINA -- The "Sneez” app is a real-time illness tracker.

Creator, Dr. Bill Satterwhite, said it helps people get smart, not sick.

The Sneez app was originally released several years ago, but has recently been re-designed to reach a greater audience.

The app makes you aware of what's going around including allergies and the flu.

Dr. Satterwhite said this will help people know how to prevent illness and respond appropriately to any symptoms they may have.

“Do I get out of work, do I pull them out of school, and then spend the money to go to the doctor and I thought surely we can do better than this. We have that information why don't we share it with each other and everyone will do better,” emphasized Dr. Satterwhite.

Dr. Satterwhite said he hopes people can stay healthier, especially during the flu season.