WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Neighbors in a Winston-Salem neighborhood near Hanes Magnet Middle School said they are scared following multiple incidents involving violent dogs on the loose.

"I heard that a woman was attacked. I'm not sure how that went. I hope she's ok. I've always been one that's been terrified of dogs so I only feel for people that have to walk and a dog gets loose," Zaynab Razzak said. 

That woman was attacked by four dogs Monday. A dog was also shot by police after a dog bit a student at Hanes Middle School. 

Forsyth County Animal County said it was amping up its patrol of the area. 

“We’re out there in the Sprague Street area and the center there. We’ve got an enhanced patrol. We had six or seven officers out there," Lt. David Morris said. 

Razzak said owners need to take responsibility.

​"People that own their pets need to own up to their responsibilities for their animals so that it prevents any type of harm or anything to pedestrians. That's just a no-go. If you're going to have an animal you need to know how to treat them fairly as well as just make sure everyone is in a safe place," said Razzak.

Lt. Morris said his team is doing whatever it can to make citizens feel safe. 

“We’re doing all we can to do to ensure that they are safe," he said. 

Lt. Morris said if you encounter a violent dog not to approach it and call 911.