GRAHAM -- The Alamance County district attorney announced the office will be pursuing the death penalty in a homicide case from August.

Penny Dawson and Sean Castorina were indicted on first degree murder charges of 84-year-old Harold Simpson.

Authorities say the couple lured Simpson from his Burlington home on August 19, and brutally murdered him in Caswell County.

District Attorney Pat Nadolski said a group voted on capital punishment after looking at the facts of the case.

"The aggravating circumstances that we're proceeding on are violent course of conduct, and also the fact that, at least for Castorina that he has prior convictions for murder, or a prior conviction for murder. And also that there was a robbery that was instituted in this crime as well," Nadolski said.

The attorney also said they believe money was a motive.

Investigators said the couple killed Simpson and fled to Virginia, where they shot another elderly woman who identified them. They made their way to Minnesota, where Ferguson falls police found them nearly a week later.

"It's a very complicated case, because it spans different states so we're having to gather all the information, all the facts, all the evidence across those different areas, and so it's going to be a complex case to put together," Nadolski said.

In the meantime, Harold Simpson's family says they're satisfied with the possible outcome.

"Were very happy with that, and we feel like the wheels of justice are turning and they will be served well here," Robert Simpon, Harlold’s son, said.

It could be at least a year before this case goes to trial. Dawson and Castorina are currently being held in the Alamance County jail.