RALEIGH, N.C. — One North Carolina entrepreneur is helping inspire other Black business owners.

What You Need To Know

  • August is Black Business Month

  • Antonio McBroom owns 15 Ben & Jerry's

  • He donates a percentage of yearly revenues to support Black-owned businesses

Antonio McBroom is the CEO of the only Black-owned and Black-led multi-unit franchise group of Ben & Jerry's. 

“I'm an ice cream connoisseur," McBroom said. "That's what drew me to the job in the first place. I started as a scooper back when I was in college at UNC, and I had a milkshake as my first menu item, and that was one of the perks of working on the job. So, I've been sticking with it ever since.”

He owns 15 Ben & Jerry's locations and a Starbucks café across the southeast. His goal is to help other aspiring Black entrepreneurs. 

“The responsibility of being a Black entrepreneur is just showing others what's possible," McBroom said. "I know that a lot of folks growing up don't see cases of Black excellence, and so for me to be a model, an example for folks in my community of just what's possible."

McBroom says he and his team are committed to advancing entrepreneurial opportunities for marginalized communities — by donating a percentage of yearly revenues to support Black-owned businesses.