DURHAM, N.C. — In a major milestone in the fight for clean water, 3M agreed on a settlement of $10.3 billion after being named in a lawsuit for contaminating water sources with forever chemicals known as PFAs.

If approved, the settlement will be paid out over 13 years to public water providers.

What You Need To Know

  • 3M agreed on a settlement after being named in a lawsuit for contaminating water sources with forever chemicals 

  •  374Water has built machines that clean contaminated water

  •  The machines are also able to turn contaminates into usable minerals

  •  The 3M settlement will pay out $10.3 billion over 13 years to public water providers

“It’s so fundamental to have clean drinking water, because it’s the number one factor of your life expectancy and quality of life," Kobe Nagar, CEO of 374Water said. 

Nagar is tired of having to fight for clean, usable water.

That’s why he is running a company that’s combating this issue. 

“What we do at 374 is looking at the solution for those synthetic materials like the forever chemical, PFAs, but also pharmaceutical and micro plastics that are part of our environments," Nagar said. 

These units, which the company is distributing to cities, communities and companies nationwide, are taking these harmful contaminants and turning them into something useful. 

This recent settlement by 3M for more than $10 billion could help continue the implementation of these units for water providers nationwide.

But more importantly, Nagar says the move holds major companies accountable. 

“The fact that there is awareness, the fact that there is going to be money to address those challenges is great for the planet, because we have the solution to treat those," Nagar said.

Nagar says 374water is excited to partner with these communities for the next few steps in cleaning water.

“We do business to do great business, but also have a great impact for your communities and the planet," Nagar said.