CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Parents are still having a tough time finding stocked shelves of baby formula. Unfortunately, hospitals are also not immune to the shortage.

Lisa Richardson, a pediatric dietitian at UNC Children's Hospital, says they have noticed the shortage in specialty formulas for several months. 

What You Need To Know

  • Hospitals have noticed a shortage in specialty baby formulas

  • Parents are advised against making their own formula

  • Using social media to find available formula is a good tool

“I keep saying, if you imagine your doctor all of the sudden lost 70% of the medicines that they can provide, that’s been the situation I’ve been in as a clinician," Richardson said.

She advises parents to refrain from making their own formula, as it could be harmful to a baby. 

“There are some key nutrients that are missing," Richardson said. "They also tend to be made in a way that even if an infant got a little cold, it could actually make them very sick because of the ways that infant and young children’s kidneys work.”

Richardson also advises families to assure product safety by not purchasing formula from third parties. However, she says using social media to find where formula is available is a great resource.

“Using social media within really well-known community groups to give formula to someone else or pay for it at cost is a terrific use of social media and a good way to still use formula safely," Richardson said.