WILMINGTON, N.C. – A Wilmington bagel shop has a new program that’s teaching important skills to students with autism.

  • Seaside Bagels in Wilmington has a new program to help students with autism learn valuable life skills
  • They're calling it a "spectrumship"
  • Students come once a week during the program and learn different jobs.

Seaside Bagels, formerly known as Bagel Meister, on Carolina Beach Road, began what they call a “spectrumship” about a month ago.

Students from local schools come each week to learn about new life an job skills.

Will, the first intern of the program, says he loves coming each week to learn a new job.



Right now the program only takes place once a week, but the owner says they hope to expand the program to more days in the future.

Seaside Bagels is in the same city as the original Bitty & Beau’s, a coffee shop that employs people with Down syndrome.

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