WILMINGTON, N.C.-- We already know that 2018 will go down in the books as the wettest year on record in Wilmington.

  • The reigon is closing in on 100 inches of rain this year
  • The previous record of 83.65 inches was set back in 1877
  • Christmas tree farmers say dealing with the rain has been a battle

The region is closing in on 100 inches of rain this year and that easily breaks the previous record of 83.65 inches that was set back in 1877. Wilmington broke that record during Hurricane Florence back in September. More than twenty-three inches of rain fell in the Port City during the storm. 

"Obviously the record amount of rainfall-having a negative effect. We would like it close to normal so we can have enough rainfall for our crops, but not too much that they are washed out," Spectrum News meteorologist Vernon Turner said. 

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many Christmas tree farmers in the area say it has been a battle dealing with the constant rainfall Wilmington has seen. Rusty Barr owns Barr Evergreen Christmas Trees in Wilmington. During the five days of constant rain from Florence, He, along with many other Christmas tree farmers, were nervous on how it would effect their harvest.

"It kind of makes difficult working conditions for the employees, wearing extra clothes, rain jackets stuff like that. We could have long-term effects of maybe losing some trees in some lower areas due to too much rain," Barr said.

The long-term effects on his harvest are unknown. However, rather than the usual 50,000 trees he has on his lots, that number was cut down this year to about 47,500 trees. Some Christmas tree farms in the area have already sold out, but Barr assures folks that he has plenty for this season, but to not wait around to come pick them out.

As of midnight, the Wilmington area had around 96 inches of rainfall total for the year, and more is on its way.

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