CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. -- A community still recovering from Hurricane Florence received a special gift from New Jersey.

A police department 500 miles away in Evesham Township held a donation drive called "Operation Fill the Trailer."

Residents of the town donated goods like food, diapers and pet supplies for hurricane victims in New Bern.

Sunday afternoon the New Jersey officers traveled to New Bern to meet survivors and distribute the collected goods.



Officer Joeseph Czyzewski Jr. said he was inspired to help when he was sitting in his New Jersey home watching Hurricane Florence make its way through the Carolinas on the news.

"Seeing these individuals come here that lost, their whole lady told me her whole home was flooded--wiped out," said Officer Czyzewski Jr. "And to see a smile on her face when she grabbed some supplies that were in need--now obviously this isn't replacing your whole home but if we can help in any small way that's what we're here for."