NORTH CAROLINA -- Spectrum News, in association with SurveyUSA, has conducted an exclusive survey of 1,032 registered voters in North Carolina to probe their opinions on how the state handled Hurricane Florence.

1. What letter grade would you give the state of North Carolina for the way it handled Hurricane Florence and its aftermath? An A, B, C, D, or an F? 

  • A: 34 percent
  • B: 41 percent
  • C: 15 percent
  • D: 2 percent
  • F: 1 percent
  • Not Sure: 6 percent

2. Who do you think deserves the most credit for the way the state of North Carolina handled Hurricane Florence? 

  • Federal Government: 10 percent
  • Governor: 30 percent
  • State Legislature: 2 percent
  • Local Governments: 14 percent
  • Utility Companies: 7 percent
  • First Responders: 27 percent
  • Other: 1 percent
  • Not Sure: 9 percent

For a look at the rest of Spectrum News' voter poll, click here.

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