BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. -- Bringing in more than $100 million, the fishing industry is a critical part of the North Carolina economy.

State officials visited Southport Tuesday to talk about triumphs and challenges of the industry.

Marine Fisheries say the two biggest species in the industry right now are blue crab and shrimp. And when it comes to oysters, they’re bouncing back after challenges from over-harvesting and diseases.

While no new regulations are on the horizon, last year some changes decreased the daily commercial trip limit.

"They have had different bushel requirements in the past, so changing those around and changing times of dredging and areas have probably contributed to the increase in the population,” said Jay Styron, UNCW Marine Operations.

The 2018 N.C. Catch Summit is two days of education sessions, live demonstrations, speakers, and net to napkin tours.