WILMINGTON, N.C. - A coastal restaurant has shut its doors for good, leaving people in the community puzzled.

The problem, though, is some of its clients already made deposits for upcoming events or still have unused gift cards for the establishment.

The Riverboat Landing property on the corner of second market street, will now be in the hands of a new owner looking to lease the restaurant.

Greensboro resident Shannon Kelly planned her sisters bridal shower party and is worried because she hasn't heard back from the previous owner. 

"You know I'm obviously upset but I've already kind of gone into back-up plan mode and really I'm just looking for my money back," says Kelly. 

Attorney General Josh Stein says there are some helpful tips that people should follow in cases like this one.

"They should not pay in advance, long in advance, they should pay the least amount possible. They should use their credit card cause if you don't get what you bargain for with a credit card you can get a charge back from that company," says Stein. 

The Riverfront Landing building is currently up for lease.

We tried to reach out to the past owner, but have not heard anything back.

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