RALEIGH -- Tensions between lawmakers in Raleigh grew Thursday as Democrats and Republicans quarreled over education funding and governmental power distribution.  

Legislative Republicans introduced a plan that would address the class-size mandate, which requires school systems to limit the sizes of kindergarten through third grade classes. Democrats have been pushing for more funding on this issue in recent weeks. 

The Republican plan delays implementation of class-size mandates, and would also fund teaching positions for PE, Art, Music, and gets rid of the Pre-K backlog.

However, tempers flared at the Joint Appropriations Committee this afternoon, when Lee Lilley, the new Legislative Affairs Director for Gov. Roy Cooper, was confronted about a new fund the Cooper Administration set up with a voluntary contribution from the builders of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. 

Cooper accepted the $58 million contribution, and set up a rural development fund, which his administration would control. Republicans claims that the governor accepted the contribution in exchange for the permit to allow the pipeline to be built.

Republicans grilled Lilley, who was previously a lobbyist for the pipeline, and who has only been on the job for five days. Democrats decried the questioning.

Both chambers plan to vote on this proposal on Friday.