RALEIGH -- Dallas billionaire Tom Dundon has officially taken over as the majority owner of the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team.

The sale closed Thursday about two months after Dundon signed a purchase agreement to buy a majority stake in the franchise from longtime owner Peter Karmanos Jr.

The NHL’s Board of Governors gave its approval.

Friday, Dundon spoke about his new team.

"What I think is the most important thing we have to do, knowing that we've got folks that understand how to build a great hockey team and have a great foundation is, figure out how to give a great fan experience,” said Dundon. “I don't think I'm happy with what a fan gets when they come here tonight and other than the great hockey we need to do more than that. And that's our focus right now is we want to make sure when someone comes here they feel like they've got value, they've got entertainment, they want to tell their friends and they want to come back."

Karmanos will retain a minority ownership interest in the club he moved from Hartford, Connecticut, to North Carolina in 1997.       

Both Dundon and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman have said the team is not moving.