WILMINGTON--A popular TV series filmed in Wilmington for nine years is back in town for a reunion.

Fans of "One Tree Hill" have traveled far and wide to meet their favorite celebrity crush this weekend.

Alyson Purdy and Michael Polidore drove eight hours to Wilmington from New Jersey.

“I’ve been obsessed with 'One Tree Hill' since 2003," said Purdy. “[I became obsessed] about two years ago," said Polidore

The couple came to town specifically for the "One Tree Hill" reunion at the Wilmington Convention Center.

“There was a convention held three months ago, and I didn’t know and I started to cry. And then I researched when the next one would be, and I found out the next one was in August, so I came.”

Fans started arriving at the convention center as early as 9:30 in the morning to meet their favorite cast member.

“Chad Michael Murray’s been my childhood crush since I was....how many years ago...2003. I’m just excited to see him and meet him,” said Purdy

“I’m just kind of curious, you could say, just to see what it’s about," said Polidore.

People like Purdy and Polidore are also giving the local economy a boost during their stay.

"I don't know if it's sold out yet, but I feel like if it's sold out every year, it would definitely help out the economy."

Director of Wilmington Regional Film Commission Johnny Griffin says the reunion brings money into the area.

"This convention shows that the benefits of film and TV in our community continue long after the cameras stop rolling. 'One Tree Hill' hasn't filmed in years, but tourism dollars are still benefiting Wilmington," said Griffin.