CHARLOTTE—Vice-President Joe Biden and U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx stopped in Charlotte Thursday morning as part of their "Grow America Express" tour to push for long term transportation funding.

If nothing is done, current funding for America's highway trust fund will end in May. Foxx, the former Charlotte mayor, is calling for passage of a bill he says will bring America's infrastructure into the 21st century.

He says he also plans to hold meetings in the coming months on building up the Southeast Rail Corridor.

Vice-President Biden says he thinks the country is poised for a new era of prosperity - but has to be able to capitalize on the opportunities.  

"When you're trying to get from Charlotte to the Carolina-Duke game, you can get there on passenger rail efficiently. Or to Atlanta or to Washington DC," said Biden.

The Grow America Act is a six-year, nearly half-trillion dollar plan.