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Originally from Indiana, Nick LaGrange has a special appreciation for the beautiful beaches and warm weather in Raleigh. Noting the extreme difference in weather between here and his hometown, Nick fell in love with Raleigh upon visiting the city, prior to joining the Spectrum News team in 2016. Of all the wonderful things Raleigh has to offer, Nick finds the city itself to be the area’s best-kept secret, falling off the radar for most outsiders, while deeply appreciated by anyone who is familiar with the reasons Raleigh is so special.

Before joining the Spectrum News team in 2016, Nick traveled across the Midwest working as a reporter at news stations in Indiana and Kentucky, before landing a job as an anchor in Las Vegas. Two years later, Nick arrived in Raleigh, where he was drawn to the unique sense of community and growth, ultimately pulling him toward the city he is now proud to call home. While Nick has covered a variety of stories during his time as a journalist, he fondly remembers one on a boy suffering from a rare skin condition. Ultimately, the story drew so much attention that the family was able to raise enough money for the boy to receive life-saving surgery. Considering that invaluable experience, it should come as no surprise that Nick’s inspiration for his work comes from the opportunity to help others.

In his free time, you can find Nick playing basketball or exploring local state and national parks. And, when he’s not shooting hoops, this Indiana Hoosier enjoys watching his alma mater’s team take the court. Nick is also a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts. Nick’s interests certainly don’t stop at sports. When he’s not cheering on his favorite teams, Nick’s hobbies include videography and flying drones.