DURHAM, N.C. — It goes without saying there are quite a few people who consider themselves mega-fans of Duke, but not everyone has been deemed the No. 1 Duke fan in America by a national publication — all due to a towel.

“I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in a lot of articles, but one that really makes me feel good is an article in The New York Times that calls me the No. 1 fan, super fan if that is the right word,” Herb Neubauer said. 

If you’ve been to a Duke game in Cameron Indoor Stadium in the last several decades, you’ve probably seen Neubauer twirling a towel around his head, giving him the moniker “Crazy Towel Guy.”


What You Need To Know

Neubauer has only missed one Duke home game since 1984

Students cheer him on as he twirls his famous towel overhead

He plans on being in the stands indefinitely


It all started when the Duke alum began wearing a blue leather hat to the basketball games. 

“In '94, I had a fire and lost everything I owned, including my hat. It was still hot there in Cameron without the AC, so I continued to take my towel,” he said.

Before he knew it, students were cheering him on at every game, asking for him to show off his talents, which ended up earning him fame. 

“I have a great time with it you know, it’s relating to the students and fans, and, you know, I think people know my passion,” Neubauer said.

At one point he even sold specialty towels, raising money for charity.

Neubauer has attended every single Duke home game since 1984, except for a single one when snow kept him from safely arriving at Cameron.

“I love Duke. It’s part of my life, ever since I stepped foot on campus in 1959 as a student,” Neubauer said.

While coach Mike Krzyzewski is departing, Neubauer plans on being in the stands, towel in hand, for years to come. 

“Coach K, I’m happy for him. Forty-two years, boy we have been blessed by having the best,” Neubauer said.