CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Salisbury artist who experienced postpartum depression last year is hosting a baby shower benefit concert on Oct. 29. 

What You Need To Know

  • A Salisbury artist who experienced postpartum depression is hosting a baby shower benefit concert
  • The event is happening on Oct. 29
  • Part of the proceeds will benefit the Terrie Hess Child Advocacy Center 

Diapers, wipes or donations are the admission ticket. 

Destiny Stone is the director of scholars of the chapel and director of gospel choir at Catawba College, her alma mater. 

“It’s really special because I was in their place like five years ago. I was doing the same thing,” Stone said. 

Stone loves singing.

“I feel joy. Sometimes, it’s therapeutic for me,” Stone said. 

She’s also passionate about music and motherhood, proudly calling herself "the music-making momma."

In October, she’s combining both of her passions, throwing a baby shower benefit concert. 

“I didn’t want to separate my life as a musician and my life as a mom. I’m both,” Stone said. 

She admits motherhood comes with its challenges. 

“I’ve enjoyed it, and I think it’s important to be realistic about it. You just have those moments where you cry, because you are so overwhelmed,” Stone said. 

Last year, she battled postpartum depression, which brought sadness and pessimism after the birth of her first child.

This year, as Stone is expecting her second child, she wants to give back with a benefit concert. Part of the proceeds will benefit Terrie Hess Child Advocacy Center, which works to stop child abuse in Rowan County. 

“Not only would you be blessing my baby but will also be blessing other families and children as well,” Stone said. 

As far as her own journey, she’s unsure how she’ll feel after having her second child, but she’s embracing where she’s at now. 

“I’m nervous because I have two under 2, but I’m excited,” Stone said. 

The event will take place Oct. 29 at 1600 Brenner Ave. in Salisbury at 3 p.m. Stone and Courtney Puckett are both performing during the event.