RALEIGH, N.C. – Skate Raleigh now has a second skatepark. The nonprofit recently opened the Conlon Family Skatepark just outside downtown.

What You Need To Know

  • Skate Raleigh’s second skatepark located off Capital Boulevard is officially open

  • The park features several classic obstacles and is open to all

  • The park will be open 24 hours once lights are installed

Raleigh’s second skate park has been nine months in the making, but it’s now officially open to boarders, bikers and bladers – anything with wheels. Kids of all ages and experience levels are welcome at the park and can now be one of the first to ride on the pavement. 

Maya and Isley Nisler enjoy Raleigh's newest skatepark.

“If they can do it, I feel like I should jump out and try it,” said Maya Nisler, who recently started learning how to skateboard. “I kind of just think, ‘what's the worst that can happen?’ Maybe I like fall and then I'll just get back up.”

Skate Raleigh raised $300,000 to make the park possible. It features several obstacles including ramps, stairs and rails. 

“I think that if I just keep working on it, I'll be on par with them at some point,” Isley Nisler, another newcomer to the sport, said while watching more experienced boarders perform tricks. “I'm a little intimidated but for the most part I'm excited to be out here.”

The skatepark has space for all ages and abilities.

Skate Raleigh said skateparks have many benefits in the community like providing a safe place for kids and adults – and this park was specifically designed to welcome beginners. They say skateparks are often one of the busiest parts of a park system both day and night.

The goal with this park was giving boarders a conveniently located place to go that got them off streets and sidewalks where they generally aren’t allowed to ride. Nisler said before to this park opened, the nearest skatepark was miles away from their house. 

“I want to get better because now that we have a skate park so close, it's going to be so easy for us to come,” Maya Nisler said. “I think this is a really good place for everyone to start learning.”

Aerial view of the skatepark looking toward downtown Raleigh.