CATAWBA CO., N.C. —  North Carolina is known as "The Good Roads State," but it's also known for its higher gas cost. 

What You Need To Know

  • Fifty percent of North Carolina's state funding for transportation, including roads, comes from the gas tax
  • Currently at 40.5 cents a gallon, the increase in fuel-efficient cars and electric vehicles has put a dent in the funding 
  • State Department of Transportation leaders say the General Assembly has plans to continue to fund roads, including redirecting sales tax dollars

That's because 50% of state funding for roads and transportation comes from the gas tax, currently at 40.5 cents a gallon. 

North Carolina Department of Transportation leaders say more electric vehicles and fuel-efficient cars are putting a dent in road funding. 

Kevin Lacy, the programming and planning director for NCDOT, says the General Assembly has plans to keep roads in top shape.

Some sales tax dollars are redirected to transportation funding. 

Electric vehicle owners pay an $140 annual fee for their share of using the roads and highways. 

"That electrification is coming, with absolute certainty. We are worried about the sustainability of maintaining and providing the revenue of our programs," Lacy said. 

Ausbert Danner is a truck driver who has owned his own company for 30 years. Danner transports cars all over the East Coast. He averages 4,000 miles a week and says North Carolina roads are the best compared with other states. 

Danner says his safety and his business' bottom line depend on quality roads. 

"I have seen guys blow tires, and then shocks, it's not good, just from a pothole. One tire can cost $600, and then shocks put you at least $1,000 in the hole. It's not good," Danner said. 

Lacy says officials are looking at what other states are doing to fund roads and work against the growing EV fleet.