CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte-based company is launching with the goal of giving women a safe alternative ride-hailing option.

What You Need To Know

  • Just Her Rideshare launched this month and is accepting rides in North Carolina, South Carolina, Chicago and Houston

  • The company founder says she wanted to create a healthy work environment for drivers and a safe transportation option for women

  • Just Her Rideshare drivers have the company logo in the window and license plate visible

Just Her Rideshare is live and ready to take requests as of this month. The founder, Kimberly Evans, says the company received hundreds of ride requests in the first week of launching.

"This transportation industry is a place where some women have to use [it] to get around," Evans said. "They need to go to the market, to take their kids to school, and so it's important that we give them a platform where it can be done safely." 

Evans says along with wanting to create a healthy working environment for drivers, the story of Samantha Josephson is part of the inspiration.

"She was the student at the University of South Carolina that hopped into what she thought was her Uber, was abducted and brutally murdered, and that story haunted me and made me want to move forward in building this company," Evans said.

Each of the Just Her Rideshare drivers has the company logo posted in their car window and the license plate visible. 

Through the Just Her Rideshare app, riders can set preferences on whether they want a chatty or quiet driver, what kind of music they want to listen to and the temperature in the car.

Evans says she wants the company to be more than just a ride-hailing business. She wants it to be a community.

"Just Her Hub, that's a place where women connect and engage and support one another," Evans said. "We also have a drivers' corner there as well, where drivers can build community with each other. So, that's important to us because we want these women to feel like they are a part of something great."

Beyond the business, Evans says Just Her Rideshare has done rides in the community for women in transition after experiencing domestic violence, for displaced families and refugees.

The company is looking to hire more drivers to meet rider demand.

Evans says Just Her Rideshare is accepting rides in North Carolina, South Carolina, Chicago and Houston, and will build out in other states in 2023.