CARY, N.C. — Gas prices continue to break records. The national average for a gallon is $4.57, according to Gas Buddy.

Some experts don’t see those prices going down anytime soon.


What You Need To Know 

Gas prices have been soaring and smashing records

Experts don't see those prices decreasing anytime soon

Some tips to help save gas include: avoid idling, check your tire pressure and travel light


But car shop owners say there’s a lot drivers can do to save on fuel.

Shaun Bell only put $6.00 in his gas tank.

“Ridiculously high. I don’t even think I fill up my tank anymore. I just fill up to get to where I’m going for a few days,” Bell said.

Like Bell, the number one question customers have at Mr. Transmission Milex in Cary is how can they get their car to run smoothly with gas prices soaring.

Shop Owner Steve Sargent says checking your tire pressure is key.

“It’s kind of different for every car, so trucks have different amounts of pressure because they have different amounts of loads, lighter cars have less pressure in the car,” Sargent said.

Another way to save on gas mileage is to keep up with the maintenance on your vehicle. Your car runs better when the oil is fresh and clean.

“It’s a yellow top, when you pull it out, it shows you the oil on the on the end. Make sure that’s in between the two hash marks. Low and high or hot and cold. There’s transmission fluid, which is basically the same kind of deal with a dip stick and markings on it to let you know that the transmission is at the same level,” Sargent explained.

Another way to save on gas is to avoid idling, because this uses a lot of gas, Sargent said.

“A perfect example is NASCAR, when they’re worried about their gas, what do they do, they shut the car off. They coast the car off and then turn it back on, and it saves fuel,” Sargent said.

Drivers like Bell, who say it normally costs $57 to fill up his Toyota Camry, hopes these tips can help people like himself avoid breaking the bank account to fill up.

“I’ve had to adjust my finances so it’s like, it’s already a bill, but it’s that much more,” Bell said.

Traveling light is another way to save at the pump, because added weight in the car creates a drag on the engine and consumes extra gas.

Also, drive at a moderate speed. Experts say gas mileage often decreases at speeds over 50 miles per hour.