WAKE COUNTY, N.C. -- Wake County Public Health is now offering Pfizer booster shots to kids 5 to 11 years old. 


What You Need To Know 

Parents can sign their kids up, 5-years-old and older, for a Pfizer booster shot here

The CDC recommended an expansion for younger kids to get a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine 

Kids can get the booster five months after receiving the first two vaccine doses 


This comes after the CDC's recommendation to expand the booster option on Thursday, May 19. 

Sarah and Keith Sather, in Cary, say their 9- and 7-year-old will be getting the booster. 

"COVID is kind of here to stay," Keith Sather said. "We're all accepting to live with it, and therefore getting boosters will help us stay safe."

It also will better protect their 4-year-old, who is too young to get the vaccine.

The booster dose is available to children five months after having the first two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Currently, the N.C. Department of Health and Human services reports 38% of people age 5 to 17 years old in North Carolina have had at least one dose of the vaccine.