DURHAM, N.C. — A Bull City-based program is helping former inmates successfully gain employment. 

“Training to Work” is part of the N.C. Works Career Center.

“We work with service providers who will train our participants in the industry that is in demand,” said Monica Biggs, a career coach within the program.


What You Need To Know

  • The program is part of the N.C. Works Career Center
  • Former inmates receive help in finding employment
  • Gas cards are available to ensure transportation to work


Abdul Rasheed served 23 years in prison on charges related to armed robbery.

In November of last year, a judge dismissed the charges, and Rasheed showed up at the career center the day after his release.

“I filled out an application. I think I might have gotten like three callbacks the next day,” Rasheed said. “I’m being hired and still having interviews.”

Rasheed’s brother told him about the program and got him connected to Biggs. 

She helps other formerly incarcerated people navigate the world, even helping with gas money to make sure they get to work. 

“When one of the applicants actually gets a job, I am super excited,” Biggs said. “It’s almost hard for me to do anything else for the day. That is the best feeling.”

It’s this kind of support that has helped Rasheed find his way in an ever changing world. 

But even rising gas prices don’t have him stressed too much. After 20-plus years behind bars, he’s just happy to be out in the world. 

“It’s made me getting out and finding a job so much easier and just life easier in general,” Rasheed said. “I’m grateful.”

This is the fourth year of the program.