CHARLOTTE, N.C — Trying to find a COVID-19 test right now is very difficult.

Long lines as drive-up sites, empty appointment slots and sold-out kits in stores has Lindsey King wondering, "what do I do now?"

King is a medical technician, working with people who could have COVID-19 every day. She doesn't get tests from her job and gave away the few tests she did have to friends and family.

“Now we are out of tests. Everywhere is out of tests. Amazon is out of tests. It’s nearly impossible to schedule a test. You can’t get an in-home test. So how are you supposed to know you’re positive? It’s just a mess,” King said.

She has been posting to social media asking for tests and keeps an eye out for any ads showing a store has a supply of tests.

King and her husband are vaccinated, but she worries about bringing COVID-19 into their home and giving it to their 8-month-old baby, Lincoln.

“It’s been almost two years, so it’s like constantly on edge, you know,” King added.

Here are the area options for COVID-19 tests: