CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Halloween is less than two weeks away, and people are heading out to stores to find the perfect costume or decorations.


What You Need To Know

  • The owner of Morris Costumes in Charlotte said in 2020, she saw an increase in people buying Halloween props and decorations as the pandemic halted most celebrations
  • This year, Halloween stores are seeing an increase in people buying costumes as restrictions relax around the country
  • Supply chain issues and labor shortages are slowing down deliveries for new and popular items at costume stores around the country


Amy Morris, owner of Morris Costumes, opened the store with her husband in the 1960s.

“There wasn’t such a thing as a Halloween store back in that era,” she said. “You were totally at the mercy of moms making the Halloween costumes.”

During the height of the pandemic last year, Morris said the costume racks stayed mostly full but the props and decorations sections were cleared out.

“You dressed up your yard or you dressed up the outside of your house,” she said.

This year, with restrictions loosened and Halloween parties returning, costumes are also going quickly. Morris said supply chain issues and the labor shortage are slowing down deliveries.

“Every store that’s into costumes are missing what I call 'the new products.' Products are ordered a year ahead of time generally, sometimes a year and a half ahead of time. They’re still on the ship, in port, waiting to unload,” Morris said.

Morris said they’re still getting in daily shipments, but the trucks have fewer items to deliver.

Even with the stress of keeping the shelves stocked, Morris said it’s great to see people once again excited about celebrating one of her favorite holidays.

“Just the holiday and the people coming in are so much fun. They really are. They add to our fun and make our days fun,” Morris said.

Morris said if people can’t find a pre-packaged costume, they can also use the rental section to create their perfect Halloween look.