CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. — Just across the street from the Murray's Mill Historic District, sits Rachel Sharpe's home.


What You Need To Know

Murray's Mill is a national historic district located in Catawba County along the banks of Balls Creek

Built in the 1880s, the Wheathouse, the Murray General Store and the 1913 mill are still intact

The mill was run by three generations of Murrays until it closed shop in 1967 but is still open to the public for picnics and tours


At 93 years old, Sharpe still remembers working out in the farm her father, Fred Murray, ran with his brothers and father. 

"He always wore long sleeves. He never wore short sleeves. He said the long sleeves were cooler," Sharpe said. 

Murray's Mill was opened in 1883 by her great-grandfather William Murray. Farmers from around Catawba County took their corn and wheat there to grind. 

Three generations of Murrays ran the mill until it closed in July 1967, and the Catawba County Historic Association started taking care of the site. 

Jennifer Marquardt, with the historical association, has been helping to run the site for years. 

"When he closed everything, it just sat, and it stayed in the family, and he never sold off the land, and that's why its all still here for all of us to enjoy today," Marquardt said.

The site still has the General Store, the Wheathouse and the family home. 

Sharpe says there used to be lots of Murrays in Catawba County, but she says she may be the only one left. 

"I'm just proud to be a Murray, I really am. We've got a good history," Sharpe said. 

Marquardt says she does what she can to keep the Murray family history fresh in people's minds. 

She does tours for families, and the site is open for picnics and walks around the grounds. 

"Mr. Murray said in 1980, this was the most photographed spot in Catawba County," Marquardt said. 

Murray's Mill is located at 1489 Murray's Mill Road in Catawba.