CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A doctorate-level nurse in Charlotte is trying to help people navigate the healthcare system. 

Three decades ago, David Wilcox was inspired to become a nurse. He was impressed by the generous care nurses gave his daughter, who is disabled.

What You Need To Know

  • "How to Avoid Being a Victim of the American Healthcare System" was published in 2021

  • The book discusses insurance claims, medication costs and overall patient care

  • It’s available on Amazon for $20

“I really admired the people who took care of my daughter, and I decided I wanted to get into something where I can make a difference,” Wilcox said. “I want people to be better off after I touch them.”

Wilcox enjoyed nursing so much he got his Doctorate of Nursing Practice. 

“What that means is that I am just about at the highest level of nursing you can be at without being a Ph.d,” Wilcox said.

But through the years, he noticed a lot of imperfections in the system. Epinephrine is a medication his wife needs. From 2007 to 2014 the cost of an EpiPen rose nearly 400%, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

“A set of two EPI pens will set you back $670 currently, which adds up quickly,” Wilcox said.

And that wasn’t the only financial burden Wilcox started to notice. The cost of hospital procedures also skyrocketed. Former President Donald Trump issued an executive order requiring hospitals to release how much procedures cost. Wilcox said hospitals did that, but in medical coding.

“I mean what are you going to do, pull out a calculator and put that together?” Wilcox said. “You can call a medical coder and maybe they could figure it out, but that is a disaster.”

His frustrations inspired him to write a book. It took him about a year to finish. Just like how the nurses helped his daughter years ago, he hopes to help others.

“What I really want people to get out of this book is that I want them to learn how to navigate the complex American health system,” Wilcox said.