CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A radio station in Davidson has a new concert series launching this month that puts a modern twist on classical music.

The Noteworthy Concert Series is bringing artists from different genres together to help break musical stereotypes on WDAV 89.9. The series is a collaborative partnership between WDAV and FAIR PLAY.

Arsena Schroeder, a R&B, pop, and funk singer, was paired with Lenora Leggatt, a classically trained violinist, for the series.

“Classical musicians, they have sheet music, someone tells them how to play every single thing,” Schroeder says. “I come from the world of improv and playing by ear and what feels good in the moment.”

Leggatt says she hopes the new concert series shows audiences that classical music isn’t stuffy.

“I don’t know, it feels structured sometimes to a point that can be suffocating I think,” she says.

Schroeder thinks the series can also help their music reach new ears.

“There are a lot of places within the arts sector where contemporary artists and black artists are not invited into,” Schroeder says. “So it breaks barriers and exposes us to new audiences that we might not be exposed to otherwise.”

The first performance in the series is April 14. For a link to the performance, click here for the details.