LELAND, N.C. — Elderberries are ancient berries that have been used in many cultures to treat infections, help with burns, and more.

“They’re a wonderful boost to your immune system, to reduce inflammation in the body, they’re great for seasonal allergies as well, but especially in the cold and flu season,” says Ruth Mulligan, owner of Elderberry Syrup by Ruth. “It’s a great thing to take to keep your immune system up and stay healthy throughout the winter months.”

Mulligan uses the elderberries to make her own syrup using a family recipe that’s been tweaked and perfected for 75 years. Like her mother and her grandmother before her, she was making the syrup for her family. After moving from Germany to the United States in 2006, she had kids and began making more for them. In 2018, she started making the syrup commercially and now it’s sold all over.

Since COVID-19, Mulligan says that there has been an increase in business and she is happy to be able to help people stay safe in a natural way.

“It’s just an extra precaution you can take,” Mulligan says. “In addition to staying six feet apart, avoiding large crowds, you know to boost your immune system is always positive.”

For more information on the uses of elderberries, you can go to Mulligan’s website.