CARY, N.C. — Many people are looking for safe things to do during the pandemic, and disc golf offers the perfect outing.


What You Need To Know

  • Diavolo is ranked the 7th best disc golf course in the world by the app, U-Disc

  • The free, 22-hole course is alongside the American Tobacco Trail in Durham

  • The course was designed by Jay Pontier and Mike Sink

The goal of disc golf is to get your disc into the basket in the least amount of strokes as possible.

Diavolo Designer Jay Pontier says there is lots of room for social distancing, plus you don't have to share equipment.

“You're out here in nature and breathing fresh air is great. This has been such a welcome in the area for people to do that.” Pontier says.

In its first month open, more than 6,000 rounds were played at Diavolo. And so far, it's had players from 23 states.

Pontier says this sport is perfect for anyone, and he's on a mission to share it with as many folks as possible.

“It's just been a blessing ever since, it's so gorgeous." Pontier says.

He's now working on building another course. It's going to be at Falls Lake State Park in Wake Forest. It will be the first 18-hole disc golf course in a state park in North Carolina.