CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A North Carolina native is spending the pandemic getting back to her roots.

Lisa Konczal grew up in Winston-Salem but spent the last 15 years in California working as a professional dancer in the entertainment industry.

She traveled around the country as a background dancer and even was featured in the "Old Town Road" music video.

But when the pandemic hit, she drove back from Los Angeles to Winston-Salem to help family, and she started a virtual line dancing class along the way.

She stopped at various venues to teach and continued to use her gift to bring a community together.

“It's great for your mental health," Konczal says. "It's great for your physical health, and we're all craving community, and you can still get that right now during the pandemic.”

The classes are available for all ages and all levels of dance.

For more information about the virtual line dancing classes, click here.