CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Farmstead is a grocery delivery service that uses a bare-bones warehouse model to save money and cut back on waste.

Farmstead also uses artificial intelligence to learn your shopping habits and order what they anticipate shoppers will want in small quantities.

While you can’t go into an actual store, all orders are packed in the warehouse by an associate and then delivered to your door.

Matthew Brown is a Farmstead lead associate and says using a store like this one can save people money and also set up a routine in case they can’t leave their house.

“We can never predict what’s going to happen. We might go into another lockdown. A lot of grocery stores may close earlier, people may not want to go out, and we’re here to help them," Brown says.

The packaging is recyclable and any overflow of food is donated to Feeding America.

There is currently a waiting list to become a Farmstead customer in Charlotte, but they plan to expand the warehouse, and membership, as the number of returning customers grows.