ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. – There are several way to repurpose you Christmas tree this year that could benefit animals or the environment.


What You Need To Know

  • Christmas trees can be donated to Providence Farm in Guilford County to benefit animals and the environment

  • When you drop off trees at Tiger World in Rowan County, you receive a free ticket

  • You can also recycle trees in Asheville, they are turned into mulch

At Providence Farm in Guilford County, donated trees are used to feed and entertain the goats, sheep, and chickens.

Providence Farm Owner Joy Combs says they are a healthy treat for the farm animals.

“The pine needles themselves have a variety of beneficial vitamins in them, vitamin C being one of them,” Combs says.

Combs also uses the trees to create habitats for other creatures, such as birds.

In Rowan County, Tiger World Endangered Wildlife Preserve is also collecting old Christmas trees for their animals.

The animals at the nonprofit are interested in the holiday staple, especially primates and large cats.

Director of Wildlife Aubrey Taylor says the trees entertain animals and help them carry out some of their natural behaviors, such as scratching, stalking, and marking.

“They love the scent. They love to rub on them. They love the feel of the pine needles. It’s a novel enrichment item for them,” Taylor says.

It’s part of their annual "Bring a Tree, Get in Free" promotion that will run through Jan. 17.

When you donate your old Christmas to the nonprofit organization, you receive one free ticket to visit Tiger World.

Before dropping off your old Christmas tree, you are asked to remove any ornaments or debris from it.

The City of Asheville is also collecting real Christmas trees during the routine brush collection schedule.

City employees will grind them into mulch that will go back into the environment.

“People use them on their plants and flower beds and landscaping,” Asheville Sanitation Dept. Senior Operator Kristy Mapes says.

For information on donating Christmas trees to Providence Farm, click here.

For information on dropping off your Christmas tree at Tiger World, click here.

For information on recycling your Christmas tree in Asheville, click here.