CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Several of us have picked up new and different hobbies while being stuck at home during COVID-19. One of those has been playing the guitar.

What You Need To Know

  • Todd Tipton is a guitar instructor in Charlotte

  • He has been teaching guitar lessons for years, and this is the busiest he has ever been

  • Tracy Long is one of his students who signed up during the pandemic

Tracy Long says he used to play the guitar when he was younger, and started to pick it back up again during the pandemic.

“I was staying home from work and everything, and then I needed something to do again after COVID hit because there was nowhere to go or do anything,” Long says.

He decided to start putting his hands to work again, but quickly realized it did more than just fill his time. Long had a stroke in December, and says the guitar has helped with his muscle memory.


“It really helped my mental equity improve and it has helped my right hand, left hand to get better,” Long says.

Long is one of many people in Charlotte picking up guitar lessons. Music instructor Todd Tipton says he is so busy he may have to start a wait list soon.

“I am kind of too full right now,” Tipton explains. “I keep taking on more students and I love what I do, but I don't know if I want to keep this many students long term.”

Tipton says all of his instructions since COVID-19 have been virtual, and while he prefers in person, he says there are some benefits.

“I am able to record a lot of things for my students, whereas in the past, I wouldn't have thought to do that,” Tipton says.

This gives his students the ability to go back and practice their skills when he’s not there. Long says so far, he likes the lessons.

“Every Tuesday at 4:15 p.m., he pops up on my computer,” Long says. “It’s worked out really well, so he is moving me along in the guitar world.”

Long says he is not sure if he would have picked up his guitar lessons if not for COVID-19, but he is sure glad he did.