RALEIGH, N.C. — Mars Earle works for the Carolina Abortion Fund, providing assistance for people who may want an abortion but can’t pay for it. 

Earle says people approach her with stories of lack of resources they would need to support a new life. 

“I constantly bristle at people that are like 'well, people who choose abortion are flippant or careless or don’t actually believe in the livelihoods of children and of their families,' and that’s just not true,” says Earle, who serves as the director of engagement at CAF.

Earle says while there was a sense of relief in the move toward a Biden administration, the work is far from being over. 

“I think it’s easier for folks to go, 'Oh, we have Biden, and Trump is out of office. The presidency looks different. Things are going to be OK,' and not that many people pay attention to the courts,” Earle says.

Earle admits having a Supreme Court with a conservative majority is unsettling. 

“Anti-abortion judges in particular are more likely to be against general healthcare, more likely to be willing, if not eager, to push forward policies that affect poor people, pro-policing policies, pro-surveillance policies, things that move beyond just abortion,” Earle says.

However, not everyone shares Earle’s view.

Tonya Baker Nelson is the CEO of Hand of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center. She says she is grateful to see Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court. 

“Women like me and little girls growing up in America where abortion is such a contested issue, those of us in the pro-life movement are ecstatic and our prayers have been answered that a truly pro-life woman has been appointed to the highest court in our land,” she says.

Nelson says she can tell a difference in support when comparing eight years under the Obama administration versus the last four with President Trump. 

“Definitely a pro-choice administration versus a pro-life administration, clearly a pro-life administration would be more sympathetic to our cause because we believe life is worthy of protection,” she says. 

Nelson is unhappy at the thought of a Biden presidency, favoring President Trump’s pro-life stance instead. 

She says she will proudly continue her work no matter who is leading the country. 

“Without a doubt, we are 100 percent pro-life, we are Christians, and we truly believe that. It’s not just a platform. We are not pro-birth. We are pro-life,” Nelson says.