SALISBURY, N.C. — A North Carolina music teacher is finding new ways to promote inclusivity in orchestras and symphonies.

Sharon Wellington-Wilkins has been playing the cello for more than 50 years, and spent most of her life as a music teacher and performer. She now teaches beginner violin lessons at home through her company "Violins-R-Us".

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she shifted to virtual lessons, but she says she still wanted to perform and promote diversity in classical music.

Wellington-Wilkins joined forces with cellists of color around the world, and they’ve filmed several virtual performances.

She says, while she misses performing in front of a crowd, the pandemic has given her some new opportunities.

“People started connecting virtually, people that I probably never would have had an opportunity to play with in a live setting,” she says. “But because of COVID, people are accessing technology more, social media, and connecting that way.”

The performances have been posted on YouTube for people to enjoy. Wellington-Wilkins says the group plans on doing more virtual performances in the coming weeks.