DAVIDSON, N.C. -- Graduates from Davidson College have figured out a way to disinfect a large space in a short amount of time using drones.

“Just think of it as an extension to a backpack sprayer,” said Adrian Mayans, Lucid Drone Technologies COO.

The drone carries more than two gallons of medical-grade disinfecting chemicals and uses a misting technique to coat surfaces. 

The high-tech approach is Lucid Drone Technologies' way of combating the coronavirus.

“What we’ve married onto the drone is electrostatic technology. Which is what’s being used in the disinfecting space. Essentially what that does is distribute making sure everything we fly over is being sanitized,” said Mayans.

The Davidson College graduate says he and two classmates started developing the technology three years ago, but to clean tall buildings. But when the coronavirus hit, they reinvented it. 

“We really just started this to help people and we rallied we were in the right place at a bad time,” said Mayans. 

The owners of Mercedes-Benz stadium used it ahead of the Falcons game and colleges like Baylor University are also using it. 

Mayans says the drone cuts down cleaning time by 95%.

“They don’t need to bring 10 guys out there with backpack sprayers to be able to take care of the stadium in a short allotment of time,” he added.