RAMSEUR, N.C. – There's still a month left in the growing season for pumpkins, but Beverly Mooney of Millstone Creek Orchards is hopeful about what October will look like for them.

What You Need To Know

  • The desire to be outdoors and active is helping farms and agritourism

  • Beverly Mooney of Millstone Creek Orchards thinks families will replace the public school groups this year

  • Farms offer acres of space for people to social distance

Many businesses are struggling in 2020, but outdoor spaces like farms are at an advantage.

“If anything, what this year has shown me, at least in agriculture and agritourism, people want to get out of the house, and there are so few options," Mooney says.

So people take to farms, and pumpkins offer a lot of options for activities.

They've taken more safety precautions in the shop and with the seasonal hay rides. With 84 acres, there's plenty of space for people to social distance.

School groups are a large part of their fall tourism numbers, but Mooney thinks families will replace them. She points to homeschool groups and virtual learning students ready to get out of the house.

Mooney says between good growing seasons and people's desire to be outside and active, farmers she's spoken to are doing well.

“I think we are full of promise for us, and it’s given us a unique opportunity amidst all of this craziness to be able to have a decent season which gets us through to next year to be able to do it all over again,” Mooney explains.