CONCORD, N.C. – As the coronavirus pandemic has hurt many businesses, recreational vehicle sales have skyrocketed as families search for vacation alternatives.

Josh Moore, a business development representative for Camping World of Concord, says RV sales have increased by 111 percent over the past month and a half.

Moore says there have been a lot of first-time buyers.

“They say they haven’t really been in an RV before or traveled in an RV before, but since everything has happened, it seems like the best way to go, and now they’re ready for something new and something adventurous with their families," Moore says.

A Florida family decided to hit the road in an RV.

“We’ve got a ton of bikes on the back of it, we’ve got our paddle board, we’ve got rafts, we’ve got all kinds of stuff,” Aaron Levine says.

The Levines, who were visiting friends in Charlotte, decided to buy the RV after the coronavirus hit.

“Still it seems a little strange for us to go into a hotel so that kind of takes that out, and a lot of the theme parks have limited hours so if you want to get out of the house and you want to do stuff, get out of your city this is the way to do it,” Levine says.