RALEIGH, N.C. -- As many people are staying at home more often, the interest in candles has sparked.

"Normally my online sales were non-existent,” said Jayne Hopkins, owner of the soy candle business Light is Love. “I would say I average at least one sale every day.”

She makes the candles out of her home and has been pleasantly surprised by the response. Hopkins typically does most of her sales in stores or at shows.

“There’s a lot of people who are searching me on Google or getting referrals from other customers so that’s really cool to see that sort of organic, natural change happen out of Covid.”

A quick Google search will show sales of candles or candle-making kits are in high demand across the country. 

The National Candle Association released a statement saying “With stay-at-home orders in place since early March, our members have seen an increase in interest and sales of candles. Not only are candles used for holidays, celebrations and overall ambiance, scented candles, specifically, boast meditative and stress-reducing properties - through aromatherapy and mindfulness - which people are leaning on even more during these uncertain times.”