CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Cleanup is now underway after major storms slammed through Charlotte Friday afternoon.

It started with a tornado warning issued around 4 p.m. Friday

“I picked the wrong day to start our roofing job,” homeowner John Ramey said.

Ramey lives in the Dilworth area of Charlotte. He said what started as a sunny afternoon, quickly turned dark.

“I went outside to get the workers off the roof and invite them into the basement, and by then the tree was down in my driveway,” Ramey said.

Throughout the neighborhood, roads were closed and cars didn’t stand a chance.

“This was just unbelievable, and we heard loud bangs and then all of a sudden just lots of commotion,” neighbor Dudley Faison said.

Over in the Elizabeth area of Charlotte it was just as bad. House after house had fallen trees.

James Webb said he was lucky he ran to the store while the storm hit.

“The oak tree just completely fell and imploded everything,” Webb said. “Thankfully, I wasn’t in the living room, because it is just completely gone now, pretty scary.”

On the other side of this duplex the homeowner was inside.

“I was right outside that door frame and there was just a whoosh behind me and dust,” Card said. “That’s when I dropped the dogs off and went around the basement, which is right around the corner.”

The families we spoke with say they are just happy to all be alive and not injured.

“I am just thankful that the only thing not hurt was a van,” Ramey said

The National Weather Service is expected to be out in Charlotte over the weekend to determine if a tornado touched down, or if it’s straight-line wind damage.